The Three Steps Into Self-Absorption 

- The old non dogmatic way to inner self-discovery –


is probably the oldest way that shall lead to the source, to the origin in each human being!

From this, all the old forms of RE-LIGIO, the return to the roots, have been created which have chosen their own particular terms/definitions within the different religions.

The ancient path of LOGOS can be followed by everyone who honestly seeks and who is willing to find oneself, no matter in which form of RE-LIGIO one is familiar with.

Stillness, power and prudenceare the strengths which everyone will reach through the Three Steps Into Absorption and which will lead to significant changes in everyone’s life if used consciously because everyone who becomes conscious lives more intensively and perceives the things in life more clearly, rather sensitive!


A master always lives inside of all creatures

and only has his throne in the hearts of human beings.          

 - Bhagavad Gita -


Who never loses his centering will survive!                                    

 - Lao-Tse –


All the truth is in us!                                                                                

- Marc Aurel -


No man cometh unto the Father, but by me!                                  

 - Jesus –

(to the inner ancient energy in the heart)


These are only four of many words of wisdom which are showing the way to the inside and tell us: We can find the truth of all things only inside of us!


This happens through the Three Steps Into Absorption, the way to our center which is known as “the way back to the ancient energy” by all ancient religions.


During the first step, the concentration, we first learn to bring our thoughts to complete silence by ignoring or not allowing thoughts to come but to concentrate only on the light instead – as described in the following light exercise. Therefore with time, thoughts are losing strength and we end up in complete silence!

Most of the exercises which are known as meditation today – thus as “contemplation” to solve problems in daily life – are part of the beginning of this step and use different ways of recognition but only create conclusions of thinking.

We reach the second step, the contemplation, when our thinking has reached complete stillness and we don't have any thoughts during the exercises of the first step.

During this second step we become aware of energy, pressure, tingling of the body etc., often even pictures or picture sequences which helps us further on our way through acts or symbols.


The third step – the unity with the ancient energy in the heart– in India called Yoga– can only be reached when even the contemplation has come to complete stillness and we – in this complete inner stillness of concentration and contemplation - reach the point inside of us in which we become aware of our own heart. There, one day, we can then consciously hear "the voice of stillness in our heart."


The Three Steps Into Self-Absorption is normally a long way that requires a lot of discipline from the individual and above all regularity.


Discipline begins with the choice of the timescales for our regular exercises.

We shall feel the rhythm inside.

Our heart will help us to find the right rhythm during exercise!


One condition for the way to our inside is the breathing:


With the breath we inhale subtle energy and change it into power effecting the outside, e.g.

·     at lifting heavy things

·     at phrasing in a language

·     at thinking to find solutions for everyday life

·     at feeling in order to organize our life


We can only feel, think, speak and act concentrated if we breathe consciously and control the breath.

Uncontrolled breathing leads to uncontrolled ways of feeling, thinking, speaking and acting which often means chaos in our life.

The actual situation of our beloved Mother Earth shows us very clearly the expression of this condition which we – children of men – have created by false breathing and now have to stand.

The one who learns to use his respiratory tract energy in the right way has inevitably a clearer and – through the Three Steps Into Absorption – more conscious life because he learns to read himself and thus his behavior-manner improves with these exercises.

Breath is always an expression of energy; therefore, everyone should use the breath only for good and constructing ideas and acts.


How do we breathe properly?


With the lungs, we breathe calmly and deeply through both nostrils at the same time, at the start laying on the ground but without any pressureup to the diaphragm area and then filling the upper area of the lungs completely with air, too.


After a complete intake of breath we calmly let the air flow out of both nostrils. The inhalation and the exhalation must always take the same amount of time so that a harmonious breathing rhythm comes about.

The mouth will be closed and relaxed during the whole exercise.

Thereby, we comfortably put the tip of the tongue on the inside gum of the upper incisors. The surface of the tongue fits closely to the palate.

In this way the meridians of the body are consciously connected.

During the first exercise we lay on the ground. If this exercise goes well, we start to exercise the breathing while sitting.

In the beginning, we should calmly inhale and exhale seven times in both positions.


With the inhaling we direct the air from our surroundings into our body. But as the environment is burdened by a lot of things, starting with pollutants, smells, thoughts and feelings in the room as well as confused thoughts in the atmosphere etc. we inhale all these forms of energy, too. The bronchial tubes act as protection filtering out the coarsest energy load.



Strange external energies are disgorged by coughing but the finer energies are inhaled deeply into our body. In this way they reach our innermost areas and become – under certain circumstances – a part of us.


To keep all unwanted burdening energies away, we need additional protection which serves as a filter allowing only the positive, constructive and pure energy flow into our body.


We get this protection from a light protection shieldthat consists of crystalline electricity. Reflecting sun-rays on the water correspond metaphorically to this light protection shield.

We magnetize it by our own concentration power and hence create it energetically!



The activation of the light protection shield:


Therefore we sit upright.


Do not cross arms or legs! This would block the energy.


Here, the real lotus positionof the Yogi is an exception. It forms – if performed correctly – two loops on top of each other in which the energy flows smoothly!

You must note that the left leg always has to be bent first!

Now we concentrate on our heart.

Out of our apex of the heard – the point of our heart –we visualize a crystal white light-ball that expands spherically. We watch it grow constantly until covering us totally like an egg shell covers the egg yolk.


We visualize how the crystal white light expands ideally over one metre above our physical body.

We try to feel this electronic light protection shield with all our love. We compensate possibly noticeable cracks and dents in it completely through our light concentration!

The light protection shield flows with its light coming from the apex of the heard through our whole being, starting from our entire nerve system, veins, organs, tendons, muscles, through to the skeleton and the entire skin.

Furthermore, it shall expand to more than one metre around us!


The electronic light protection shield is being created by the concentration power of an individual and remains intact as long as we are in harmony!

Yet the lightest displeasure leads to its break up!

Then, we have to reactivate it immediately!


Even if this light protection cannot be seen in the beginning, it will arise instantly through our concentration and has such a strong effect as our belief, our acceptance for it. 

Group coaches are obligated in general to ask for the power of LOGOS in every participant to create the electronic light protection shield before starting concentration, meditation and contemplation exercises.

The coach must inform the participants about the existing light protection shield.

Normally, it happens with these or similar words:


In the name of the ancient energy you are now protected by the light of LOGOS!

Without any protection we could inhale impure thoughts and other energy that – by inhaling - become a part of our own being which can mean additional karma.



The beginning of the Three Steps into Self-Absorption


Our sun forms a UNITY with its planets, the solar system.

The sun is the positive radiating nucleus – the nuclear.

The planets form the negatively charged matter – the electrons.

The planets orbit the sun and form the spherical unity through gravity – our sun system.

The sun is our life-giver, without it there would not be life on earth. 

If we – the human beings – ask the light for help, the sun always reacts as the most potential life maintaining ancient energy of our universe.

Its power and warmth affect life, year cycles and thus all creation.

The life-lines of the sun – its radiation – surround every soul which all of us like to feel in summer. But the positive power of its radiation may also lead to damage. For example, the retina will be damaged if we look directly at the sun too long.


Therefore, we have been given help by the ancient energy of the creation – the wisdom of life – to connect us with the light without looking at the sun.

A splinter of the sun’s fire symbolizes the flame of a white candle, it is a spark of the sun energy, same in quality and energy. You can see and feel it physically but you cannot grasp it. Its nature is ethereal, although it is physically real and has great power.


A tiny little candle flame burning in a complete dark room immediately dissolves all shadows and shows us the omnipotence of the light of LOGOS which can change all things and situations instantly!

If we concentrate on the candle flame we connect our inside with its source, the sun and its love, the ancient energy of our solar system!


Like this, the hydrogen with its positive nucleus and its electrons form a unity, quasi an own solar system in atomic-scale structures, as well as every cell of our body.



The light exercise with the candle


We place a white candle about 60 cm away.

When working with groups, we form a circle and place the candle in the middle, preferably at eye level.


We sit upright without crossing arms or legs.

We put the tongue as close as possible to the palate, the tip of the tongue touches the inside gum of the upper incisors.

From our apex of the heard we activate our own light protection shield around us.

As soon as we feel the light protection shield covering us completely and preferably more than one metre around us, we concentrate on the flame of the white candle.



We look intently at the flame as if we wanted to draw it by heart. When we have the feeling that we know exactly what the candle's flame and colors are, we then focus on the tip of our nose and close our eyes for the entire exercise.


Now, we imagine to sit exactly in the middle of the head – between the two halves of the brain. From there, we look at the inside of the fore-head which we consider as a cinema screen for our new arising awareness.

Now, we have to be a passive observer and – similar to an unknown movie in the cinema – watch and see what happens – attention: Ignore all thoughts!


Now, we call the flame in love and humility in the name of the ancient energy for which many people choose the name of God to the inside of our fore-head in the area between the eye brows – the “window of soul” where the spiritual, visualized light enters.


How and to what extent the flame appears will depend on our development.

It may be that the call to the inside appears on the outside, in front of our fore-head at different distances.

It is also possible that we instantly notice it on the inside of our fore-head. Where and how the flame appears, depends on the concentration power, your own development and your individual karma.


Therefore, the flame can e. g.:


·     appear as we have seen it in the concentration exercise

·     change its colours and forms completely

·     create acts like picture sequences


Whatever we may see, we must always concentrate on the middle of the inside of our fore-head, if flame or light forms arise, we always concentrate on their middle!


At the end of the exercise we should thank the light for this grace of experience.


The power in this exercise does notarise through technical usage but only through the energy of our inner orientation, the love in our heart and the conviction to do this for God and ourselves!


In general, we should choose a constant rhythm for these exercises, ideally on selected days always at the same time.


External appointments generally have to be subordinated to this exercise – the activation of the ancient energy – following the principle:


“The higher level always has priority to the lower level!”


In the beginning the exercise should last for max. three minutes. With increasing concentration power it can be extended to seven or nine minutes then but should not be longer than 20 minutes.


If the exercise has reached strong concentration, we should ask the light on the inside of our fore-head in great love to lead us to our hearts – our real life centre.

“Sitting” in the middle of our heads, we watch the way of the light and see where it “stops”.


In doing so we always concentrate on the middle – the centre – of the light!


You should write down the things you noticed during the exercise in a light exercise diary, so that you can go through the awareness again which - in the beginning - is sometimes incomprehensible and can be cleared up as we advance along this way.


This form of exercise should not be changed!

The smallest modification repeals the effect of the Self-Adoration-exercise!


If we are ready to take this old way to the conscious connection with the ancient energy, our life will profoundly change only through the related state of consciousness.


New findings and values will come into our life, give our daily thinking and things we do a new direction and therefore harmonize our development holistically.


Then one day we wíll recognize that everything in life consists of dual energy. We must learn to control it in love by creating peace with everything we do.


When this state is our permanent conduct and thus reaches completion, one day the way to inside of us will be wide-open. The way which has the high goal of reaching what many texts describe as the “re-entry into the unity”!